Let me start by saying thank you so much for considering me as your photographer. I believe it is key to know who you are hiring in order to know if we will be a good fit. I personally love trying to get to know my potential clients wants and needs, it is the only way to know if I am the right photographer for you and that way I will know how to serve you better.

My style is Bright and true to life. On Wedding days I do a mix of Pose and Candid Portraits. I try my best to not be intrusive. I am a sucker for Details, First Looks & Golden Hour Photos. I thrive at full day weddings and when working with authentic people.

In addition to shooting Weddings I also shoot Cake Smashes. I Love styling them and getting to play with your little ones and cake. You can also book me for Family, Individual or Branding Portraits. 

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I was a Videographer before I became a Photographer. I started as a videographer back in 2011. I worked my first wedding for a friend of the family using equipment I checked out from my college where I was a Media Arts major. Eventually 3 years later after getting so many requests I dipped my toe into Photography and I have never looked back. I am so grateful for those that pushed me to try photography (I was VERY resistant) because this is truly was I LOVE to do and what brings me joy.

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My dream for my career is to continue to serve clients through my photography. But my ultimate dream for Scar Vita is to one day own a Wedding venue of my own. I already know the colors I want, the look and style of the venue, even the name. It's all in my vision board and one day it will be mine. 

Back in 2016 I stumbled across another photographer's website. I signed up for a free webinar and from then my life and business changed. I signed up for one of her courses in 2017 and since then have taken every single course/resource she offers. My work improved so much, my love for what I do grew and I found a way to connect my passion with my faith.This Photographer/Educator is
Katelyn James. She is highly respected and well known in our community. I have had the honor to meet her twice once at the Creative at Heart Conference and at her Live event for her Business Journey Students. I owe so much of my growth to her. If you are a photographer looking for valuable resources that actually make sense and work or you just want to see her beautiful work please check her out.

I love all things related to Event Decor. I am the one in my familia that everyone calls when they are having an event. If my little sister is graduating from middle school you best believe she is having a theme BBQ, if my best friend's dog is turning one he is getting a themed birthday and shoot. LastI took on the task of decorating my sister/assistant 's Sweet 16. I had never taken on such a big event. And let me tell you, I already respected what planners and event stylist do but after my sister's Sweet 16, I have a much bigger respect and appreciation for what they do.

Photo By: Purroy Photo + Video

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I would love to answer any questions you might have for me. The best way to contact me is via this contact form or email info@scarvita.com .

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